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  Swan Creek  

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More Local Routes
> Beaubien Creek Route -- A rural paddle winding through Clay and Ira Townships
Access the water at the Kayak Store or the Dyke Road/M-29 Bridge over Beaubien Creek.  This route is easy paddling up the waterway, past marshland foliage.  Lots of wildfowl, good fishing.  Don't enter the protected wildlife refuge (see Map below). Level - Easy // Length - 2 miles round trip
> Belle River Route: The Belle River winds through Marine City, East China Township, and China Township Put in at the China Township Park at King Road, then paddle to the St. Clair River, through Marine City.  It is 14.5 miles from King Road to the St. Clair River. You could make a stop at the East China Township park for a picnic! Pass under bridges, float past fields, woods, homes and ending through Marine City. /// Note: There are many felled trees in the Belle River, making passage difficult at times.  This route is clogged with felled trees near the King Road water access.  The river is more open near Marine City. /// Two new water access points have been added to this Blueway at East China Township Park and Springborn Road Access.  See the updated map, below "print a map". Level - Easy Length - 14.5 miles one way
> Black River Route: Along the Black River between Norman and Beard Roads Paddle the beautiful Black River through the Port Huron State Game Area.  Be prepared to portage the Ford Dam, the only private property along this route.  Look for Bald Eagle nests, and Ospreys. Very rural area. /// Note: Low water levels late in the season! // Level - Easy - Length - 5.2 miles one way
> Black River Urban Route: An easy paddle down the Black River to the St. Clair River. Float past beautiful residential neighborhoods, then the City of Port Huron.  This route will take one under many bridges, past the community college and a Fire station. // Begin or end at Ft. Gratiot's North River Road Park, get out anywhere along the Black River.  One can choose the 12th Street Boat Ramp, Riverside Boat Ramp, or at Vantage Point in the St. Clair River. -- Level - Easy // Length - 4.7 miles one way
> Blue Water Bridge Excurison: A paddle down the St. Clair River to Marysville, Marine City, or your own destination! A paddle along the internatioal border between two countries.  The shoreline is developed, but the water is clean and blue! // Put in at any park or road right of way (ROW)on Lake Huron, and float to Marysville, St. Clair or Marine City.  There could be personal watercraft or freighter traffic along the way. Use extreme caution when paddling under the Blue Water Bridges!  The current is very strong and there can be substantial wave action. Do not attempt the bridge area on a weekend after noon, as increased power boat traffic make conditions worse for paddling. // ALWAYS wear your life jacket in the St. Clair River! - Level - Intermediate - Length - Self-determined
> Fort Gratiot Sojourn: A leisurely paddle up the beautiful Black River to Wadhams Bridge, and back. A very relaxed paddle.  Leaves North River Road Park, heading upriver to the Wadhams Road Bridge, then back.  Winds through a few residential properties, farmland, rural landscapes, then past three golf courses. There is easy access to the Black River due to the ADA accessible kayak launch.  // Level - Easy // Length - 12.2 miles round trip
> Pine River Paddle: A nice paddle along the Pine River, beginning at the St. Clair Marina. Begin at the St. Clair Municipal Marina, where one can rent kayaks by the hour.  Picnic at 'Turtle Beach', just south of Fred Moore Hwy., where there is a picnic shelter and a portable toilet.  Enjoy the nature trails provided by British Petroleum. /// For a detailed map, click the 'Print a Map' link. - Level - Easy - Length - 8.4 miles round trip
>Russell Island Loop: Paddle the North Channel of the St. Clair River, around Russell Island, and back. Begins at the DNR boat launch in Clay Township. Enter the North Channel, through Russell Island to the South Channel, and back around to the North Channel.  Be aware of the shipping channel, and international waters, of course // Level - Intermediate, due to current and freighter traffic. // Length - 4.3 miles round trip
> Sny Loop: Decker's Landing to Strawberry Island, through the Delta // A very unique paddle along the Chenal a Bout Rond, also known as the 'Sny'.  Quite rural.  A great way to explore the St. Clair River Delta; one of the largest freshwater deltas in North America! The only car access is at either Decker's Landing access points. One can shorten this trip by taking the first right off the Sny, (on the Baltimore Hwy) and loop back around to the North Channel, and back to Decker's Landing. // Level - Intermediate, due to current - Length - 11 mile round trip
> St. Johns Marsh Explorer: An easy paddle along Dyke Road in St. Johns Marsh // Begin at the M-29 bridge at Beaubien Creek, southeast along Dyke Road in the St. Johns Marsh, to the North Channel of the St. Clair River.  Right of way access is near the end of the trip at Point Tremble bridge right of way. // Level - Easy // Length - 5.6 miles one way

> The Island Loop Route National Water Trail: A very unique paddle crossing 4 different water bodies, along the international border // Begin at North River Road Park, or Bakers Field Park.  Get into the Black River easily by using the ADA accessible kayak launch.  Head downriver, and then up the Canal to the left, heading east.  Enter Lake Huron after passing under the Taintor Gate.  Head straight out into Lake Huron untill you clear the sandbars, then turn south toward the bridges. Then paddle under the Blue Water Bridges, along the international border with Canada while in the St. Clair River.  Enter the mouth of the Black River to the west, through the City of Port Huron, and back to River Front Park.  You can also begin and end at the new Bakers Field Park in Port Huron Township.  They also have an ADA accessible kayak launch!

The Taintor Gate at the canal closes automatically when there is a strong N-NE wind. It is open 96% of the time!  Closure protects the canal from getting filled up with silt and sand from the lake.  Boaters, check to see if the gate is open before attempting the Island Loop. The only way to check the gate is to drive by it on Gratiot road to see if it is open.

Most of the waterways along this route are calm and slow, except near the Blue Water Bridges.  This route is best attempted in the morning, before weekend recreational boating traffic creates rough water conditions under the Blue Water Bridges.  The section under the Blue Water Bridges should only be attempted by experienced paddlers on a calm day.

Wear your Life Jacket (PFD) at all times! Have your ID with you, as the waters are patrolled by Border Patrol Agents and they can stop you at anytime and you must prove your citizenship!

Click on the 'Print a Map' link for a detailed map. // Level - Intermediate (due to international shipping traffic and current) // Length - 10 miles


> Wadhams Bridge Run: A rural paddling route on the Black River between Beard and Wadhams roads.Recommended for beginners. Put in at the Beard Road bridge, and float downstream to the Wadhams Road bridge.  A beautiful trip down the Black River in Clyde Township. Very remote, no cell phone coverage. // Note: Low water levels late in the season! // Level - Easy // Length - 8 miles one way // This route takes you past the Woodsong County Park. 


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